always learning

still so much to learn it’s new years day and there isn’t much to do. i had lunch with ali and steven from my former job. they seemed in good spirits considering they were working on this day.

other events today include(d) packing some dvds i’ve managed to sell on, an ebay site which allows you to sell things at a set price. i also got to thinking about those pictures i took on christmas eve. you see i got a new lens for christmas from farrah.

it is a tamron 70mm-300mm AF lens. well, i put that puppy on the manual camera i was using christmas eve and noticed two things: (1) the ISO was set to 50 - from when i took infra-red images for class, and (2) the shutter speed was at 1/60. the problem is i was using 200 speed film and the flash sync for the FM3A is 1/125 i believe. this means the pictures will not come out! oh well, we do have the memories right?

AJ Giron @verbal