Installed - Finally

The installer for Comcast, Jose, finally arrived at 6:10pm.  The installed took over an hour, as Jose needed to drill a hole and do the cabling under the house.  He then configured the router, which I noticed the setup is a little different than doing DSL.

The first speed test Jose did got the following results:  5670 Kbps down / 700 Kbps up

Pretty good compared to my DSL speed of: 639 Kbps down / 316 Kpbs up

Jose was finishing configuring my computer when he next launched Firefox.  Firefox’s home page is set to, which has the previous two posts listed for Jose to read.  He laughed, uncomfortably, and continued on with the job.  Well, it becomes even more uncomfortable.

He had me fill out a survey in front of him.  The first item on the survey: “The technician arrived on time.” Answers: Extremely Satisfied, Satisfied, and Dissatisfied.  I had to choose Disasatisfied. I did soften the blow in the comments, but only a little, by saying “Tech did call to say they are running late.”

Jose was having a bad day, so he says.  Too many jobs and not enough time to do them in.  To be honest, I’m a little more upset at the two people who I talked to on the phone.  They weren’t exactly empathetic with my situation.

Anyway, last speed test: 9172 Kbps down / 698 Kbps up.

Looking good.

AJ Giron @verbal