Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-12

  • I’m happy I no longer host the blog on Imagine, they’ve been down for 12+ hours. What’s up @tumblr? #fumblr #
  • I swear, tumblr was working a few minutes ago. Did it just go down again? #
  • Pearl Harbor. The anniversary of my father’s death. A friend’s birthday. These are things I think of every December 7th. #
  • Mia - December 8, 2010 #
  • \When was the last time I used a stapler? #
  • Things on my desk - ketchup packets #
  • Mia at Starbucks #
  • Today’s to do list, item 1: put up outdoor Christmas light. Check! Onto item 2 after lunch. #
AJ Giron @verbal