Win or Lose

In 2017, it is unacceptable for famous women to learn on the job – they must emerge from the womb with a complete working knowledge of intersectional feminism and if they don’t they apparently deserve a sustained campaign of online abuse. It’s hardly surprising that a year later, Swift backtracked on endorsing misogynist lyrics by West – she was likely terrified of making another misstep.


An opinion piece worth reading.

An Essential Screw Up

It’s a huge screw up from a company that likes to characterize itself as scrappy and small. But scrappy is one thing, being sloppy with customers’ personal information is another thing entirely.

I don’t think I would ever reply to an email requesting my driver’s license, date of birth, or any other sensitive information just for a phone.



Disagreeing with Facts

“I think one of the reasons that that example comes to mind is because this is a report of facts and research,” she said. “This is a summary of really important and, in some cases, government-funded work that was done to understand the causes and effects of sexual and gender violence. What does it mean that the Trump administration doesn’t want the public to have that information?”

Sadly, I think this is a case of it’s not a problem if we don’t acknowledge it.

Help Me Help You

“I used to cycle through disbelief, shame, anger. Now I just show compassion and move on,” she added.

I’ve heard this happening myself while in the waiting room for my doctor. The person first didn’t want a nurse practitioner, but a doctor. She was presented with options. Then she wanted a doctor that went through a medical school in the US. More options were given. Then she wanted a doctor that wasn’t a woman. Finally she wanted a doctor that was white.