On Friday morning Farrah and I went to the hospital for the version procedure. We went as prepared as could be. It was odd, walking to Labor and Delivery with Farrah. The last time we had been there was when Mia was born. I asked Farrah is she remembered this and that, but most ofContinue reading “Vertex”


About two weeks ago Farrah had an ultrasound to check the baby’s size. The ultrasound showed that the baby is a healthy sized baby girl. But she’s also breech. It’s late in the pregnancy for the baby to turn on her own. The doctors say it could still happen, but most likely the baby willContinue reading “Breech”

Searching for Answers – Quick Review of Prometheus

Prometheus The tagline for the movie is: They went looking for our beginning. What they found could be our end. Synopsis: Ridley Scott does science fiction again. I remember watching Alien at the Old Mill 6 Theaters in Mountain View. My sister took me. I don’t recall if I knew what the movie was aboutContinue reading “Searching for Answers – Quick Review of Prometheus”