rating: ** out of five quick shot: decent run at the vampire mythos. werewolves versus vampire war is somewhat effective, though the story gets bogged down on who did what to whom too much. dave commented that the sequel would probably be better than the original (which i kind of agree with). kate beckinsale makesContinue reading “underworld”

the matrix revolutions

farrah and i headed down to the [sony metreon] to watch the [matrix revolutions], the last a trilogy by the wachowski brothers. i would have to rank this third in terms of quality of story and action, behind the other two. so it works, i guess, in descending order.

what i liked about the film? the action scenes defending zion were really well done. part initial battle scene in a club was cool. oh, and monica bellucci in a red latex get-up made the movie too.

the bad? well, i thought it was still too talk-y. not as much as the second one, though that had the car chase scene and the twin dudes going for it. i also thought the ending was so-so.

i say give it a shot as a matinee if you want to see it. i hear it is playing on imax. i don’t think this one is worth it on that big of a screen. may be the first two, but definitely not this one.


while farrah was studying in the room tonight we watched the dvd confidence. it stars edward burns, rachel weisz, and dustin hoffman.

the movie is about a crew of grifters who accidently con the bag man of a local crime kingpin. in order to get out from under possibly getting killed, they make a deal with the kingpin to pull a grift for him, allowing him to choose the mark. it gets a little complicated from there.

well directed, written and acted it would make for a good rental for more information see the imdb.com entry for [confidence]

harry potter

chamber of secrets… just got back from watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. pretty good flick if you ask me, even if it clocks over 2 1/2 hours! i thought it was better than the first, moving along at a swift pace with a lot of tension and mystery. you can tell the kid leads are getting older, as some of the actor’s voices are changing. it was also good to see richard harris on the screen one last time. he was also pretty could in the Count of Monte Cristo. rent that if you get a chance.

the theater was very packed. it was the last and smallest theater at century shoreline in mountain view. a lot of kids still asking their parents to take them to see it. too bad i had to sick next to the only sick kid in the theater. he was sniffling through the whole movie. i think i may have caught his cold. let’s keep our fingers crossed i didn’t. time to make some soup.