Searching for Answers – Quick Review of Prometheus

Prometheus The tagline for the movie is: They went looking for our beginning. What they found could be our end. Synopsis: Ridley Scott does science fiction again. I remember watching Alien at the Old Mill 6 Theaters in Mountain View. My sister took me. I don’t recall if I knew what the movie was aboutContinue reading “Searching for Answers – Quick Review of Prometheus”


It has been awhile. Again. Life has just been busy. But I have a few moments right now to put down a few thoughts. As I write this, it is Friday afternoon. I’m on the train heading home. I am typing on my new iPad. This new little machine is a joy to work on.Continue reading “Again”

Vacation Photos with iPhone 4S

We came back from our trip to Hawaii this past Thursday. I wanted to post a few photos I took during vacation. What’s interesting about these photos is that they were all taken with the iPhone 4S. Yup, I left my Canon 7D at home. We did, however, bring the Canon S90 with us, andContinue reading “Vacation Photos with iPhone 4S”

Pearl Harbor and the Zoo

Today we visited Pearl Harbor to specifically see the USS Arizona. Unfortunately, Mia fell asleep during the short film that is watched before taking the short boat ride out to the memorial. She was also asleep all the time we were on the memorial. It wasn’t until we started to leave that she stirred fromContinue reading “Pearl Harbor and the Zoo”