enjoying time off

well, I’ve been on vacation since thursday, which was an interesting day in itself. I helped someone get into an accident on that day. how did i do that you ask?

well, kayla was over. we decided to go get my truck washed and then go to blockbuster to find a movie. well, i took the wrong turn off of mary and headed to blockbuster before going to the car wash. as we took a left to make a U-turn, i noticed a honda hatchback civic in front of us. well, it was stalled and i had someone behind me. so there was no way around it. i put the truck in park, turned it off, and asked kayla to sit in the car. then i went to help push. to make a long story short i pushed the car, but the person behind the wheel didn’t really know how to drive, and they ran into a parked car. ouch.

AJ Giron @verbal