It’s not a question that I think I can truly answer. But here is what I can tell you.

This is my blog.

It is where I write on the random thoughts that enter my brain during any given day.

If I’m lucky, and can ruminate on a subject, I may write longer posts.

I tend to write about family, friends, movies, concerts, and other subjects that strike a chord with me. For instance, photography has been a hobby of mine for some time. I haven’t gotten any better than I should be, but I keep at it. I’ve been taking more photos recently since the birth of our daughter.¬† I may post¬† and comment on a few photos here. Otherwise, photos will be relegated to my other site, janella.com.

I, most likely, will not write about my job. I won’t write about any specific job unless I no longer work there and find what I want to write relevant to a previous working experience.

Personally, I’ve lived in California for most of my life. You can follow me on twitter, if you’d like: al3xgiron


I’ve always enjoyed writing. When I was younger, I would write fiction. I would try my hand at poetry, but only if forced to do so. But in general, I write to get the thoughts I want to express out of my head and onto a piece of paper, a computer screen, or whatever it may be.

I find writing helpful to my overall sanity, therapeutic in a sense. I am not going to get into anything deeply personal in my writing on the interwebs. But I will write what is on my mind.