ugh, photography class

The class didn’t go too well last night. I’m having problems with printing pictures correctly. I’m getting a little discouraged. Thankfully the class is almost over. Only two weeks left! I’m also worried about this weekend. Tomorrow is Kayla’s dance recital. I’m going to break out and try taking pictures with the N80 and 800-speed film, since the lighting will be low. I’m just fearful that the pictures won’t turn out. Well, they only turn out fairly well with the digital camera. Hopefully, all will go well. Sunday, well more on Sunday later.

Lastly today, my company had an auction, selling some overstock computer items for dirt prices. I picked up a Dual P3 450 with (supposedly) 512 MB RAM, 3 x 9GB hard drive SCSI 2 setup. All for only $150!!! About three years ago, they say, it was built for $5000. I think it is still in good working order. If I can get it up and running I may just be running off of it. I’ll let you know how it goes also. That’s it for today…

AJ Giron @verbal