how slow can you go?

slowwwwww this has got to be the slowest longest day in recorded history, and it’s not even MY friday! i figured i would have been off of work what seems like 5 hours ago. but no. it’s only 3-ish in the afternoon. oh man. it’s not like i’ve got somewhere to go or anxiously awaiting something. but man, the clocks gotta tick faster.

speaking of ticking clock, i guess i should come up with some new year’s resolutions. i’ve had a couple going through my mind but haven’t had the time to put them down. there are those basic resolutions (e.g. eat better, exercise more, play less video games) but there were others i wanted to write down. i guess i’ll work on that this weekend. the other thing i want to do this weekend is take pictures. the five day out look doesn’t look too bad. now all i have to do is get my lazy booty up on sunday morning to go driving around. if i go to the City i guess i’ll have to go early to beat niner’s traffic. they have a playoff game this weekend.

AJ Giron @verbal