i’m sitting here on a thursday night, contemplating life with a cold bottle of sake. otokoyama to be specific. a nice brand (and bottle) provided by doug and saori for christmas. i guess i hope it helps in stirring some thoughts that have been creeping for some time. this year has had its ups and downs already, and it’s only the 23rd day!

one of the things on my mind, at least that i can write about now, is my job situation. yahoo! in its wisdom offered me the position they promised back in october. its nice to see a company can keep a promise. but i guess what is still bugging me about the position is its place in the company. i mean i was doing the same thing about seven years ago. but as i’ve told others with this economy, especially the Valley’s economy, its tough to fnd something. so i should be very happy for what i have now. and i am.

i was supposed to have a meeting with my supervisor today, a one-o-one but it fell through. can’t blame the guy as he is tremendously busy. but i just want to get started on my career path again. i’m going to have to pin him down next week to have the talk.

AJ Giron @verbal