web journal redux?

this is really the beginning of my web journal. i know i’ve made entries using blogger before, but i wanted to get a little more personal. it seems the world today, with what is going on out there and in my head, dictate some thoughts be put down. i’m not good at putting thoughts down on paper any longer. i can’t stand the sight of my own handwriting. so i’m going to type this sucker out, baring some of my soul. if you find it interesting then i’d be surprised. this is more for my benefit than any one else.

where to start? well my thoughts are of the future right now. this has most likely been brought on due to my birthday, the 35th to be exact. i have been thinking about where i’ve been, what i’ve done and what i still want to do. it can get depressing thinking of all that, especially if you start thinking about regrets. but i try not to have too many. i tend to think about those possible ‘turning points’ in life, you know those paths not taken. i’m don’t think it qualifies as a regret. it tends to lean toward the unknown, like a bad star trek episode.

AJ Giron @verbal