SARS alert

SARS comes to SJO! at least that’s what the news is blurbing this lunch hour. i was hoping it was a april fool’s joke, and i still am hoping. it’s a scary world we live in right now. it probably always has been, it’s just that the news makes bad news more accessible war. disease. famine. is there nothing good going on in this world?

i’m sure there is but it doesn’t necessary make the half hour news coverage. my advice? turn off the television or watch a movie instead. forget about the world-at-large for a while and concentrate on the here and now. the world will continue to turn when you get back to wanting to know all that is happening. of course if you watch a movie watch something far removed from what is happening.

i went to go see ‘tears of the sun’ last monday. seeing that movie was a mistake, not because it was a mediocre movie but the content was pretty rough. war in africa as done by hollywood. they went for the nice gruesome reality.

but for now take a break. i know i have.

AJ Giron @verbal