a little down

as you can see, design and color scheme seems to have changed. call it being bored. i hope the color isn’t too drabby. right now it’s a reflection of my mood.

i’m down a little right now. i think i’ve been down for a couple of days now. don’t know why. i think part of it is the job, part of it is the weather, and part of it is the passing of another birthday. yeah, i forgot to write about or even on my birthday. it’s something i try not to miss, but for some reason i did this year. i guess i’ll have to take the time and write about it.

today wasn’t exactly a good day. work was very busy as things broke left and right. and the phone calls!?!? there were more than usual and from people who didn’t know right from left. i got one call from a customer who never heard of microsoft! i’m like, uh your on the internet right, that’s why you called me?????

i suppose good things happened in the world today. saddam’s statue was toppled in baghdad today, and more importantly the giants won 15 to 11. wow, that’s a football score. i don’t know if baghdad, iraq or even the world is a better place than it was three weeks ago but things are changing.

what’s my stand on the war? never liked the aspect of war, especially a war half-a-world-away. i know our troops had no choice in the matter of going, and when you’re put in that position you have to go full bore as people around you, as well as yourself, count on it. but death isn’t something to be taken lightly. it just seems as if this war is a stepping stone into other conflicts in the middle east. what next? syria? then iran? oh, let’s not forget about north korea. you would think things would have changed from century to century. right now it’s looking like 21st century colonization.

now that we’ve won the war - if you want to use those words - people are saying it was the right thing to do. people are saying, see GW was right! i don’t know about that. i don’t know if it was. only time will tell if that is the case.

well, enough rambling for now.

AJ Giron @verbal