what i'm doing now

i noticed, besides the previous post, it has been awhile since i have posted any thing. i’ve been trying to get the photo pages up using the new system which i like pretty much…for now. i’ve only been jobin' it for these several months.

i’ve been trying for other positions at work but they haven’t panned out that well. i’m not sure if it’s my interviewing skills, my lack of time in the company, or my experience but it just hasn’t clicked. i guess i’ll try some time early next year to make something click.

another challenge has entered the workplace for me: time management. we’ve been tasked to take on other roles in our group. we were quickly trained on the tasks - which i’m not 100% comfortable with right now - but we have to do them. this makes me have to do what i already know quickly while being able to do that which i don’t know meticulously. it’s tough but slightly challenging.

i’ve taken up ping pong at work which i’m not good at compared to the other guys in the group. i blame the paddle though.

AJ Giron @verbal