staying away from the evil empire

for some reason lately i’ve been trying to use different tools than your basic microsoft install tools. i guess with all the security and virus alerts i’ve been looking out more and more for good web tools. funny thing is i should have done it earlier.

i used to work at netscape. for those of you who can remember netscape, they came out with a popular web browser which was fairly dominant. until microsoft set their sights on the company. netscape tried its best to survive but couldn’t do so on its own. eventually it was bought out by aol.

anyway the tools i’ve been using lately? well, i like mozilla’s browser. you can download it at [] it’s a cool little browser, but for some reason some of its functions stopped working for me.

after that happened i started using opera, which you can get at [their site] it has been a fairly good stable browser with a lot of features. i have only had a couple of sites where i had to go and use internet explorer or mozilla to view, as opera couldn’t handle the page. but those are few and far between.

for email i have been trying eudora’s latest version, which you can get at [] so far it has been an all right email. i’ll have to be honest and say it took a bit of time to import my email from outlook to eudora. i’ll have to give a full report later on how it works.

as far as instant messaging software goes, stay away from the msn thing that comes with windows xp. i’d rather use aim or yahoo! instant messenger, which most of our friends are on. if you are interested in an all-in-one tool consider [trillain]

AJ Giron @verbal