the curse of the cubs continues?

the chicago cubs are losing right now, 9-4. it seems it shouldn’t have gotten to this point but it has. last night they should have won the game, but a fan got in the way. you can see a still of the play at []

the poor sap will probably have to move out of the chicago area if the cubs lose tonight. if they happen to win tonight he will just be a minor footnote. i can’t imagine how he must feel with all those eyes, the stares of hatred towards him for possibly screwing up a chance to go to the world series.

but they say one play shouldn’t make a whole game. wait, i think that actually only applies to football. oh well, the guy is screwed.

i’m not saying i’m a cubs fan. out of the teams that are left - the marlins, cubs, red sox, and yankees - i am rooting for the sox and cubs. i am actually a yankees fan out of all the teams, but want to see someone else playing in the big game.

i sort of feel sorry for dusty baker. he goes to another team, after giants, and gets this close to the world series - two years in a row - only to lose it in the eight inning of game six. it must hurt.

AJ Giron @verbal