ex-mozilla customer care dinner

tonight i had dinner with some ex-netscape customer care people at chevy’s in sunnyvale. it was good seeing everyone who made it.

peter and sue i had only seen several months back at peter’s wedding. the last time i saw heath was at a dinner with dave. david, luis, tricia and michelle i hadn’t seen since being laid-off.

dinner was at chevy’s in sunnyvale. i had the habanero steak tacos which was exteremely hot! whew.

anyway, i guess this would be only of interest to scott (since he knows who these people are and he’s read this home page), but here’s a quick rundown:

  • peter: working, married in may (i'll post the pics sometime), and driving a nice black mazda rx-8. yeah he got rid of the mustang.
  • sue: not currently working, but i think she's doing some campaign work for general clarke
  • tricia: working at a biotech company that some former egain employees work at.
  • michelle: recently laid-off from the same biotech company that tricia works for.
  • luis: happy and working for a auction site for car dealers (if i remember correctly).
  • david: working in brisbane i think? he was all the way down he table and i only caught bits and pieces of his whereabouts.
  • heath: working in sales and the gym.

it was good seeing everyone. found out shelly is working at the clinique counter at macy’s in valley fair. those who’ve seen her say she’s looking really good. i don’t think anyone knows where nancy is other than she’s married. karen couldn’t make it, but i think she’s married now also. jason and peter f. couldn’t be found either.

it was good getting together with everyone. somewhat interesting to take stock of where everyone is at. this tech slowdown has put a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth, and i seriously think nobody really loves what they are doing for work. not that netscape was all fun and games, but it sure was exciting.

AJ Giron @verbal