funny how the net works

can you ever make a mistake in this world, especially when you’re famous? nowadays i suppose not.

a friend forwarded me a link regarding the paris hiton sex video (don’t ask me for it, i don’t have it). it wasn’t anything interesting. there was nothing different than what you may see in an adult video. but it made me realize that once something hits the internet you are basically screwed.

if you don’t know who paris hilton is ( and really there is no reason you should know who she is) she is the great granddaughter of conrad hilton (hilton hotels). anyway, this girl comes from very powerful american family and still they cannot stop the streaming video from flooding the internet. i guess money can’t buy you the power to stop the flow of information like this.

the internet has done good of course. i remember back in the late 90’s when south park first hit the internet. it was a large 50mb file that made its way onto many computers and screens. you gotta remember 50mb back then was large, especially when downloading on a 56k modem connection! i remember my friend scott sending the file to his home from work (faster connection at work) and his email at home got stuck!

i just find it interesting that’s all. something to blab about on this page i suppose.

AJ Giron @verbal