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Man Targets Canadian Company He Wrongly Believed Was Source Of Spam

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – A Sunnyvale man has been arrested on federal charges for allegedly making death threats against a group of Canadians he mistakenly believed was responsible for sending him online material about how to enlarge his penis.

Charles Booher, 44, was arrested by FBI agents on Thursday. Authorities say Booher repeatedly made death threats by phone and e-mail against the employees of a Canadian company that he mistakenly believed was the source of a large volume of unsolicited e-mail advertising he was receiving about penile enlargement medication.

According to court documents, Booher said in a May 31 e-mail that he was “sending a package full of Anthrax spores to your address” and would “put a bullet in your head.” In a June 14 e-mail he threatened to shoot an employee in the spine and then torture him with a “power drill and ice pick.” In a voice mail message he threatened to castrate all of the company’s employees and then kill them “with a shotgun and 30 rounds of ammunition and a hunting rifle.”

Prosecutors say Booher persisted in making these threats even after Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety officers visited him and ordered him to stop.

Booher faces a maximum possible penalty of five years in prison if convicted. He is currently free after posting a $75,000 bond. He is scheduled to return to court on Dec. 11.

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