cool site - or maybe not

like everyone else i get sites sent to me from friends and family. i also get website addresses from the radio, newspaper and magazine. i usually record a site to visit on my phone to visit later. well, to the right is a short list of what has been on my phone. i’m going to go visit some of those sites, write a little blurb as to why i had it recorded and why you might want to visit it. it’s sort of like netscape’s old cool site of the day - a feature they had long ago when netscape was cool.

first site up:

[recycle for breast cancer] - i heard about this website on kcbs one day when i was driving to work. the person was asking how and where they could donate old cellphones. one place i have heard of is battered women’s shelter’s who use the phones for communication. antother is this website.

you can go to the website and see the list of cellphones they accept. they will send you a mailer to mail the phone to them. it’s as simple as that. if you have an old cellphone lying around think about donating it.

AJ Giron @verbal