web server crash

janella.com has, not by choice, had to go another change. the webserver crashed some time this weekend. this affected not only janella.com but over 200 other accounts from what i understand. what does this mean? well, it means starting from scratch on some things.

i do have backup of all the photos. what i don’t have is a backup of the database that drove the new portion of the photo site, as well as what drove this weblog. so all my general musings are now lost. just goes to show you that you should backup all the files when you get a chance.

[http://nothingcouldbefina.janella.com] should be up in the next day or two if i can get the backup files from my webhost. the photos page for janella.com will be up as soon as i get this weblog portion of the site squared away.

please check back later for any updates.



AJ Giron @verbal