the long walk back II

the [photos page] is starting again, and i emphasis starting. i started a photo renaming project awhile back. i am trying to change photo names from something like

dc0520.jpg to 122503_christmas_02.jpg

to at least track images better on my computer. it helps with searching. anyway, like i previously mentioned all the photo information was wiped out when the database was dumped. so i need to repopulate the photos again. i will do this, trying to get new photos as well as old photos back up.

what can you do?

well, you can register for the [photos page]. only a few albums are public. most albums require a login.

there is a registration link there. fill in a username (one i can recognize), then place in a password you would like to use, then a valid email address. once i receive all the information an email will be sent to me for approval. once i approve your membership you will be able to log into the photos page!

the photo page is meant for family and friends to view, so if i don’t recognize your name or address sorry for the membership rejection.

AJ Giron @verbal