finding a look

well, changed the weblog face again as the style previously used (called zen) seemed too light to read. luckily with [wordpress] i’m able to switch styles rather painlessly. the real dilemma for me is the overall site look.

with tools like wordpress and [4images] a webmaster can easily put up a site in a quick amount of time. but the look and feel when going between both products is harsh. there are all-in-one solutions with something like [postnuke] and [phpnuke] but i find those products either too many features to disable or are slow to load.

at the least i’ll try to get the color scheme to be the same. at the most i’ll try to make the site look like an all-in-one inclusive look and feel. this make take some time but i’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

AJ Giron @verbal