russell & marjorie's home

man, it’s october and i’m still talking about our hawaii trip that took place back in august!?!?!?!  well, my memory on specifics is fading (yeah, it comes with age, huh).  this might be the last time i write about the trip.  most of the pictures are posted.  just a few more from the last days we stayed.  anyway, on with the story….

sandy left oahu on saturday afternoon.  for the rest of that day we relaxed.  we picked up jane, then had a late dim sum lunch with ann, who was working.  we might have went to [ala moana], if not that day i’m sure some other days.  but after lunch we did drive to the north shore from shave ice!  some time later that night we went to circut city - i needed to figure out how to download the photos i had since the ipod wasn’t accepting my camera’s connection.  this is where the photo below was taken:

Leaving some DNA behind at Circuit City

uncle johnny and auntie linda treated all of us to sunday breakfast at [anna millers] .  in the afternoon we headed to russell and majorie’s house, in mililani for an late lunch/early dinner.

Russell & Marjorie's beautiful home

russell tried his best to bbq, taking care of most of the food.  when it came to the beef he delegated that task to sim.

AJ Giron @verbal