Halloween Day & Night

Today we went up to the City to Lotte’s place to (1) celebrate Matthew’s birthday - which was last week, (2) a house-warming for Lotte, and (3) celebrate Halloween.  Now that’s a lot of celebrating!  Photos are posted on the website.  I had to head back early to hand out candy at the house.  Right now I’m typing this weblog entry from the laptop near the front door.  The kid flow is somewhat steady.  I’d say about 40+ kids at this point.  There are still those older kids who don’t dress up and expect candy.  Ugh.

Halloween Costume

Well, it looks like its dying dying down.  Of course as I wrote that three kids came up to both greet with a “trick or treat” and a “Merry Christmas”.  Nice.  Oh well, closing shop at 8pm no matter what.  Better go man the door.

AJ Giron @verbal