Can You Hear Me Now?

We’re getting ready for our trip to Hawaii (yes again). One of the things we wanted to do before going was to get a new phone plan. Our current plan is geared toward local use. If we travel outside of the state we are charge for making calls. I know I didn’t want to stay with our current carrier, AT & T, so we should look elsewhere for a national plan. Since Farrah’s phone contract was up we decided to try Verizon. Verizon has received good ratings nationally and [locally too].

When we walked into the Verizon store we were able to get a new phone within 45 minutes, with the number transferred over and working!!! The salesperson said the secret was in bringing the billing statement as it had all the information needed to easily “port over” the phone number. Well, we’ll let you know how the phone works during the 15 day trial.

AJ Giron @verbal