Tiana's First Birthday Party

New albums posted are:

  • Tiana's Birthday 2004 - Tiana's first birthday party celebrated at Ko'olau. Currently only the photos taken with the Nikon cameras are posted. Digital images to follow - when I get a chance.
  • Grandma's Birthday 2004 - Grandma's 86th birthday celebration at Auntie's home. Again, only the film images are posted right now.

From the description provided within the album, you can click on a link that will take you to a like album on [Shutterfly], an online photo service. You can access the raw photo album for the specific album you accessed. What is the raw photo album? It is all the pictures I took in the album on Janella.com, plus photos that I did not post. Also some of the photos on Janella.com have been edited (e.g. cropped, resized, etc.) so as to make them more presentable. The photos located on [Shutterly] are the full photo size, sometimes taking up to 3 MB of space. This can take some time to load if presented on a web site, but might be ideal if you want to order photos. If you have any question on this let me know.

AJ Giron @verbal