Shopping List For Tomorrow

(as dictated by tessie)

  • *regular baking potatoes (5 lbs)
  • *gravy (e.g. turkey - can or jar)
  • *beef gravy (no mad cow in it)
  • *stuffy (e.g. stuffing)
  • *corn, green giant (either frozen canned; nibblits)
  • *green bean, green giants (can; kitchen cut - no french cut)
  • *two cans cream of chicken, campbells
  • *dried french onion
  • *block of velveta cheese
  • *roll, e.g. dinner rolls - heat and serve or pilsbury (freezer)
  • *cranberries - canned
  • *apple and pumpkin
  • *vanilla ice cream
  • *chocolate whip cream
AJ Giron @verbal