Moving Directories

Yes, I moved the weblog from [] to the main site []  And the layout has also changed.  The photo header above rotates photos Farrah and I have taken.  Photos included in the header right now are:

farrah-nikonTiana MeiViolet Staringlucky-toungebixby-eyeskayla-nanakevin-screamflower-girlmcoveyyen_dodgingfarrah-caddyflowershawaiisanta-cruz

A new photo may not load if you’re browser caches the photo, but know that it does work.  I’m not sure how many I’ll put up for the header, but a new image should load here or there.  If you really want to force an image to load, hold down the shift key on your keyboard, then press the Reload button on your web browser.  Your  web browser will do a ‘hard reload’,  asking for new information from the server.

I’ve given up on the whole [] layout.  Just wasn’t happy with the way it was looking and how entries are made into the blog.  I am going forward with using [Gallery] as the photo engine, the same one used on [nothingcouldbefina] .  What I like about Gallery is the way it displays images.  What I like about 4images is the information it can store information in a database.  So right now: style over handling of information.

AJ Giron @verbal