Sick Again?

I got a little stuffy nose action happening these last couple of days. I think I’m sick again! I was sick Christmas week. I managed to take three days off during that week - getting better the Sunday after Christmas. But that didn’t last long.

The next week, the last week of December going into New Year’s Eve, one of my lymph nodes decided to work overtime. It got a little large on the side of my neck and felt uncomfortable for two days. And now these sniffles.

I think the first two were related instances are related but this new round may be something else. Either way I’m grumpy and tired but can’t fall asleep at the moment. It’s just not fun feeling sick.

And so I surf. I see the new pictures of the [iPod Shuffle] on Apple’s site. It’s a sweet little music player smaller than a stick of gum. The difference between the Shuffle and full blown iPod is (1) size/amount of songs it can hold, and (2) it has no display to see what song is playing. It’s a cool little gadget. But I’m a little more interested in the [Mini Mac].

The Mini Mac is basically a Mac box without monitor, keyboard and mouse. You need to buy those items yourself. But the Mini Mac looks cool and comes with a lot of essential software for editing video, photos and music. I’m sure Apple will do well in grabbing some desktop users with that Mini Mac because of its looks and pricing.

AJ Giron @verbal