The Ticketmaster/U2 Experience

This morning Farrah and I took a whack at trying to buy U2 tickets on []. I’m usually the only one trying to get tickets, but since there was a hard limit on theĀ number of tickets one could buy, both Farrah and I tried.

Well, 10 AM came around. We started trying to get tickets on both the laptop and desktop, entering in the amount carefully and just waiting for the results. We couldn’t get tickets for the first show, which sold out in less than ten minutes. I knew there was a second show, so we waited for it to be posted.

We only had to wait about ten minutes. We tried over and over again to get (at the least) two general admission tickets - which were going for $49. Seats, which are an ok view, were topped out at $160! Well, Farrah managed to get two tickets. Me - shutout! I did get one screen opportunity to buy, but the tickets were seated and high above the show. I must be losing my touch! Well, at least we’ll be able to see U2. I only wish we got two more tickets for friends.

What’d you think, I was going to sell them?

AJ Giron @verbal