Adding to the Blog

Ugh, I’m on a blog improvement kick.

No, I’m not thinking of messing with the layout. I think I’m pretty happy with how the page and functions overall. I guess I’m looking to add those bonus features and little touches here and there.

I’ve been checking out other people’s blogs lately, trying to find something else to add, some little feature. For instance: on a [co-worker’s blog] he’s got a little radio/mp3 player deal going (see the launch vp player) . I suppose it’s cool if your visitors have a broadband connection, but not all my visitors listen to the same type of music. I played with putting one on the site, but don’t think it’s beneficial.

If you haven’t noticed, I chose to implement a little random picture in the sidebar. It was an idea I got from all those PHP-Nuke blogs/websites. It’s neat in the fact that it’s only showing images from the public directory. There are two problems though: (1) I don’t have too many pictures in the public directory so a lot of the same photos are appearing, and (2) if something goes wrong with the picture gallery this home page may load slowly or not at all. Guess I’ll need to work on that little gimmick.

Oh well more surfing in search of the next thing to add.

AJ Giron @verbal