Friendster Joins the Blogging Craze

It looks as if [Friendster] has joined the blogging craze! I just did a test blog at It seems simple enough.

The blogging engine is provided by [Six Apart] who also does [TypePad] and recently bought [] It looks like Six Apart is trying to take over all of the blogging community!

  • The deal with Friendster provides them with a very good user base and exposure to revenue
  • TypePad is a pretty successful subscription service
  • is probably not too far behind in becoming (partially probably) a paid service. I think they will probably use more as a test environment, beta testing a few things out on that community then porting those changes over to TypePad and perhaps Friendster, depending on how that deal is structured.

All I have to say is that it’s interesting.

AJ Giron @verbal