Visiting Yen and Heidi and Changes to

Drawing on Yen's cast
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These are photos from our visit with Yen and Heidi last week. You can see the rest by logging into the [Photos @ Flickr] pages. Yes, you will need to sign up for an account. It’s free and easy!

So as you can see the page is now a little different. This is because I’m trying out new services and am planning to move {] off of the web hosting service at [].


Well, I’ve been playing with hosting a web site for some time now, different incarnations here and there. This last year has been great with using Wordpress for blogging (which is a great piece of software) and Gallery for photo management (another piece of great software). I’m just not in the mood any longer the manage the daily aspects of hosting a web site. I might move back to that platform once an integrated version becomes available, but for now managing the web site is a chore.

So I have moved the blog portion of to [’s] services. I found out that Fina uses it for [her blog] when I sent here an invite to join Yahoo!’s new blogging service, [] I gave a spin and found it suits my basic needs for blogging. Now on to a photo management site.

I found [] suits my needs even before Yahoo! acquired them a couple of months ago. I find that it works well with blogging images to [], so it’s pretty cool in that respect.

I’ll need to work on posting older images up (if people still want to see them that is). But anyway, I think this set up should work for a while, until I get the urge to manage a full web site again.

I plan on writing a little about why I chose LiveJournal over Yahoo!, Typepad and Blogger as a blog hosting service. In the meantime, drop a note, comment or just look around and tell me what you think of the new setup. Oh, so to see all the photos on my filckr account you need to sign up for a free flickr account at [] and I can add you as a family or friend member. Search for me under “sith_kicker” to add me on your list. Yeah, I’ll write more about why I chose that user name as well.

Anyway, back to enjoying the weekend.

AJ Giron @verbal