Looking @ My Old Blog

Since I was contemplating a new blogging service, I was looking at my old blog at [blogger.com]  You can take at look at it here:


You can see the whole in entries from April 2003 when I stopped using it to April of 2005 when I came back to play.  I recently did some side-by-side posts on my blogger.com site and [LiveJournal.com] using [Flickr.com].  I must say the template look for blogger.com is much cleaner, stylized than most of the templates I’ve seen so far on LiveJournal.com

The problem I have with blogger.com is that you need a domain name in order to post your blog on a domain (e.g. janella.org) or you can have a blogspot address.  For my blog it was janella.blogspot.com

The [360.yahoo.com] is still a maturing blog that doesn’t have a lot of features that I would like to use right now.  First off it can’t accept Flickr posts (I’m sure it will in the future as Flickr was aquired by Yahoo!).  Also there isn’t an ability to customize the look of your blog as of yet.

I haven’t played with Typepad much, but I assume it is like Movable Type, which I’ve used before.  The only problem I have with Typepad upfront is the cost. Packages start at $4.95/month to $14.95/month (that’s how much I pay for web hosting!!!)  Here at LiveJournal.com, if you choose to have a paid site, it would be as much as $25/year which is a little over $2/month.  Not bad.

So I choose LiveJournal.com for now.  Now it’s time to look for a home for photos.  Is Flickr the solution or is there somewhere else?

AJ Giron @verbal