William (Bill) - You Will Be Missed

Hand-to-hand Combat Training
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Susana called me to tell me that Rex’s father had passed away. He suffered a stroke earlier this month and never recovered. He will be missed.

I didn’t know Bill that well, only talking to him at family get-togethers such as Mother’s Day brunches at the Coconut Grove, Kayla’s birthdays and especially Thanksgivings. He was always very talkative, very energetic and always willing to lend a hand to anyone. He was always up on current events and had an opinion on mostly anything. I enjoyed talking to him when possible. He always took an interest in the latest camera (digital or otherwise) I had.

My lasting memory of him is in this photo with Kayla and Ella. It was during Thanksgiving at Rex and Susana’s home. Bill was showing Kayla and Ella how to defend themselves and fight as well. “Just a little playtime with Grandpa.”

You will be missed.

AJ Giron @verbal