A Stinky Plant and the Golden Gate Park Conservatory of Flowers

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Today was good day.

Farrah and I decided yesterday to go to the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. I told Farrah about the Amorphophallus titanum, which blooms once very couple of years. When it blooms it smells like “rotting flesh”. Yum! I wanted to see it, wanted to see the City since it is a three day weekend. So we went.

The drive and weather was very nice. There was a slight crowd in the park, people going to the Japanese Gardens, the Botanical Gardens and the Conservatory. The Conservatory had about four different rooms of various temperature and humidity, depending on the type of plants in the room. You can see the pictures on [Flickr]- sign-up and log in to see more!

On our way back from the exhibit we even ran into a weekly swing dance class! Oh, we should have joined them in a number or two but our stomachs were growling due as it was lunch time.

Melissa’s was closed so we headed to Hillsdale Mall to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. Afterwards we roamed the mall, where Farrah saw [Malou Nubla]! Ugh, I missed seeing here though.

AJ Giron @verbal