Too Many Memory Cards

The memory card pain continues today. I found out I can’t return the memory card I accidentally bought, even if I didn’t open it (which I did). Oh well, the card is going to go up on the for sale list at work in hopes of recovering some $$$. If I didn’t mention it I accidentally ordered a Secure Digital card and not a CompactFlash card.

The different memory cards can be a pain. I remember when I got my first digital camera I had to decide what memory card to support at the time: CompactFlash, Secure Digital or Sony’s own Memory Stick [see here for a complete list]. I initially chose CompactFlash because it was more widely used, but then switched to Sony since I liked their products.

Once you decide on a type, you then need to decide on a brand, size and speed. Ugh, headache happening.  I’m guessing I’ll go with a 1GB and a 512MB if I can afford both. I need to go look at Fry’s again and Costco, which I think sell SanDisk cards.

Wish me luck.

AJ Giron @verbal