Finally - Some Shooting

Well, I’ve finally started some shots with the D70s. I haven’t read all of the instruction manual. In fact I have probably read less then 10 pages of a 100 page manual!!! I just wanted to get out and start shooting.

Yesterday, I got a 1GB 80x Corsair Compact Flash card.  I was hoping to get the [Lexar 1GB 80x Compact Flash card].  Now the Corsair is not on the test and approved list of cards, but it is working and I hope it lasts me for a while. If it starts freakin' out on me I’ll need to go to Costco to pick up a SanDisk Ultra II card which is tested and approved.

I took some test shots yesterday of Farrah while she was talking on the phone with Yen.  You can see some feet shots on the [Flickr] album.

Tigger looking up

Today I took some shots of Lucky and Bixby and Tigger too! I also took a few shots of cars that were on display at the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival in downtown Sunnyvale.

I’m shooting in the RAW format which is new to me. Take a look at the pictures and please make any comments on the photos you can. I’ll need to read up more about it. Ok, I’ll go read the manual now.

AJ Giron @verbal