Dinner and Photos

I’ve been able to get some more reading and shots in the last day.  Last night Farrah, Yen, and I went out to look at fabric and dinner.  I was able to take a few outdoor shots - around dusk) and indoor restaurant shots with the D70s' built in flash.  The flash photos look a little saturated, and the outdoor photos needed adjusting as well.  The results are the adjusted photos here:

You can see more photos by logging into the Flickr album.  Of course you need to be a ‘friend or family’ to see those extra photos, so sing up for a Flickr account today!!!

I’ve been also messing with shutter speed.  These shots have the aperature wide open and the shutter speed very slow.  Check the EXIF data for more info.

Drinks IIIDrinks II

AJ Giron @verbal