Two Weeks

Well, I have had the D70s for two weeks. I’m loving the freedom of taken the shot and seeing the results right away, but with an SLR type camera! I know that’s how it is supposed to be with a DSLR but I’m still getting used to the feeling.

I have been messing with [aperture priority] and shutter speed the last week. The reason I have been is I want to take photos at Kayla’s dance recital. Taking photos has been a hit and miss affair. The conditions are:

  • dark theater - only stage lighting
  • no flash allowed
  • no tripods allow (I've seen monopods though)
  • distance to stage varies seats are all over

I have had various success and failure in taking photos. I’ve used high speed film (1600), opened up the aperture, steadied my hand various ways, all with mixed results. This year will hopefully be different.

What I am planning to do is take photos during the practice session. Susana said I can bring a tripod during that session and set it up - as the practice isn’t video taped. The lighting conditions will be the same. From what I understand of the advice given by the [] messageboard I should:

  • use the fastest lens I have (which is the 50mm 1.8)
  • have the aperture wide open
  • and hope the shutter speed is around 100 or so

I can adjust the ISO as needed.  We’ll see how it works.  I’ll post some results later.

This photo of drinks was taken under low lighting conditions, no flash, aperture wide open - using the 18mm-70mm lens. The shot was taken hand held, steadied against the table. Farrah took the photo:


Anyway, wish me luck.

AJ Giron @verbal