Father's Day and Aloha Kitchen

Today we had Father’s Day breakfast/brunch at Aloha Kitchen in San Jose on 1041 East Capitol Expressway..  Uh, the food was so good.  I had the Samin with BBQ Chicken and it was delicious!!!  Farrah’s dad had Samin as well, her mom Portuguese Sausage and eggs, and Farrah had Hawaiian Pancakes.

Aloha Kitchen

Farrah’s dad struck up a conversation with another customer.  The talk started off normal - How you doing?  Where you from?  The guy talked about what street he used to live on.  Funny thing was that Farrah’s dad new exactly where that was  and the neighborhoods' residents specifically!  So the guy would say, “Yeah, there is this short guy who lived in a house down the street…” and Farrah’s dad would reply, “Oh, you mean at 1084?"  Amazing.

Later that day Farrah and I took my mom to visit my dad’s grave.  It’s been over ten years, but still…

AJ Giron @verbal