End of the Month Rant

Most of the postings lately have been about birthdays.  Let’s see, birthday’s this month were for Skylar, Little Gordon, Yen, Lotte, Doug and Kevin this month. Did I miss anyone?

A lot of photo opportunities present themselves at birthdays. So I took it was an opportunity to take photos with the D70s.  Pictures of Yen’s birthday (when we took her out to dinner at Straits @ Santana Row) and of Lotte’s birthday (at [Buca di Beppo’s] in the City) will be posted on the [Photos] janella.us.  Fina took most of the photos at Lotte’s birthday.  The photos out of focus are the ones I took :)  It was funny see Fina with a Nikon since she’s such a Canon person.  (Man, should have taken a picture of her holding the camera!)  I still need to post photos from Lotte’s and Skylar’s parties.  Remember to log in to see the ‘big picture’.


iTunes 4.9 was released earlier this week.  With 4.9 it now makes it easier to download Podcasts.  What are Podcasts?  Short and simple, it’s like a radio broadcast you can listen to on your digital music player (see [Podcasting])  Podcasts can be anything from news to business reports to independent music programs and beyond.  I don’t think Podcasts are bound by any FCC rules so content can be almost anything.  You don’t need to have an iPod or use iTunes to listen to a Podcast, so do a search on the Net and check one out.

Current Podcasts I’m listening to:

  • KCRW's The Treatment
  • Cinecast
  • digital photography tips from the top floor

Apple did announce one this week that sucked:  iPods now come with color screens by default!  Ugh!  Oh well, the price you pay for wanting an iPod.  You knew it was going to happen.

Feeling blah

I’m a little under the weather.  Tuesday morning I woke up with a dry throat and my nose felt dry as well.  Wednesday found me staying in bed most of the day.  Today my nose is just running here and there.  I thought it was allergies, but usually my eyes itch, which is currently not the case.  What makes it worse is that it really isn’t comfortable staying in bed with the weather being so damn hot!  I had a little ramen in Mt. View last night that helped out.

Ugh.  I hate summer colds.


Plans for the weekend?  Still working on it.  Farrah’s lucky to have a four day weekend.  Me?  Three days, which I’m not complaining about (or am I?)

AJ Giron @verbal