Steak and Tylenol

Its official: I got some kind of bug.  Aching back. Runny nose. Hacking cough.  Ugh, I hate this stuff.

Of course, I decided to go out yesterday after work and spread my germs! No, I had to pay a bill at the mall. So Farrah and I grabbed dinner at [Alexander’s Steakhouse] - more on that later - and headed around the very dead Vallco Mall. I started to feel progressively worse. When I got home I knew I was just going straight to bed.

I break out the cold & flu medicine we have and check the label. Get this: “Tylenol Cold Nighttime with Cool Burst”? What the heck is ‘cool burst’? The box says Tylenol Nighttime with Cool Burst “gives you the multi-symptom relief you need to rest-plus an instant cooling sensation you’ll feel right away.” Well, it was like taking a mint for medicine but it was effective. It knocked me right out for a very good nights sleep.

But I still feel like s@!t this morning. I think I’ll be wiping my nose and coughing away all weekend.

This sucks.

AJ Giron @verbal