Esthero @ The Filmore

Thursday was one of the times I was glad I checked my spam email.  I get the weekly email from [Ticketmaster] about concerts.  I guess I missed the one earlier about [Esthero] coming to town, and only found out on Thursday when she was playing on Friday?!?!?

I called Farrah to quickly confirm we had nothing plan, and was able to purchase some general admission tickets online.  Finally, we get to see Esthero after missing her so many years ago.

Esthero @ Chop Suey (Seattle), 07/02/05

Esthero in Seattle.  Photos taken by [OptimusCrimeDeux]

Esthero came out full of energy.  Her vocals were strong, her manner confident,  and her energy contagious.  She was chatty with the crowd, taking requests for a song here and there.  She was wearing a black strapless number that posed problems for her during the show (having to continually pull it up to hide the goods), but otherwise danced around like there was no tomorrow.  A great show.

Her set was a little under 90 minutes.  Some of the songs she sang (in no particular order) were:

  • Wikked Lil' Grrrls
  • Breath from Another (just an a cappella tease)
  • OG Bitch
  • Superheroes (a cappella - by request)
  • Gone
  • My Torture


  • Joey
  • Wish You Away
  • We Are in Need of a Musical Revolution
AJ Giron @verbal