At It Again

As you can see, I’m at it again.  I’m changing site pages here and there, trying to keep up with some technical skills.  I am hoping it helps me on my next job. Home Page

Next job?

Yeah.  If you don’t know already my time at my current position is short.  In about three months and a week I will be in the unemployment line.  It seems it’s cheaper to have a customer care workforce out of state then it is in state.  I understand it was a business decision, but it sucks nonetheless.  Suffice it to say I need to brush up on some Internet skills in hopes of landing another technical/Internet job.  We shall see.

I’m back to the rotating header bit.  Refresh the page to see what’s up!  My [LiveJournal] page will still be up, serving as a backup to this site now.  As I think I stated before, I enjoy the community aspect of sites like [LiveJournal] and [Yahoo!’s 360].  The only thing that turns me off is the lack of customization, though LiveJournal has more of this than Yahoo!

I may be trying some other new layouts here at [].  If the page changes suddenly while you are on site, from one look to another, it’s just me f-ing around.

What Else

Since I haven’t posted much of late I’ll recap some of this weeks events.

Monday I found myself recovering from a long weekend of…shopping?!?!  Farrah, Yen and I went to the [San Francisco Giftcenter & Jewerlymart].  Let me just say this: if you aren’t interested in jewelry and other gifts you won’t like the place.  Well, let me rephrase that: they don’t have any cool electronic/computer stuff!  It was a total of about 8-10 hours of me watching Farrah and Yen look around.  It’s ok though.  I’m pretty tough (just as long as I had my coffee).  I took a couple of pictures and was able to try a new portable hard drive to transfer images to in the field.  I think it will come in handy on long trips, like to Hawaii.

Tuesday [Madden 2006] came out.    I’m not sure I’m going to buy it this year.  I mean are the improvements that great to justify the $49.99 price tag?  (Yeah, I ask myself that question every year).  Luckily Fry’s has it on sale until the 16th for $36.99 just in case I change my mind.

Two of the guys are work, Evan and Bert, got me watching [24]!  I mean really watching 24!  I rented, watched and finished season one in less than a week.  I’m almost done with season two which I find more interesting than the first.    If you don’t know what 24 is about pick up an episode and check it out.  BTW - Farrah will tell you how sick she is of hearing the title music from the DVDs for 24.

My other time has been spent working on getting the photo gallery back up.  It’s almost there.  Hopefully all will be well with it by the end of the month.

AJ Giron @verbal