Fiona's Back

Just downloaded [Fiona Apple’s O' Sailor] from iTunes.  It’s good to hear her voice again, but the song sounds like something off her first album.  But hey, I’m craving some new stuff.

Speaking of new stuff, anyone hear the new [Goapele] cd?  Man, I like some of these artist’s web sites that allow you to hear album tracks.  Granted you can’t download them - listening to the album through a Flash player (I’m sure there is a way around this), but it’s good to know they want to make their music accessible.  (Ok, her site says her album comes out December 27th, but on it says it’s already out.  Confusing.)

Ok,  back to Madden 2006.  What?!?!?  Yeah, Farrah bought me a copy yesterday :)

AJ Giron @verbal