"Hitch" & "Must Love Dogs"

Just finished watching [Hitch] on DVD.  The movie stars the likeable Will Smith as a matchmaker for men.  Hitch puts his clients in the best possible situation to succeed in having the women of their dreams fall in love with them.  “The rest is up to you”, he says.

Hitch Movie Poster

The movie has some pretty good pacing the cast (Smith, Kevin James, Eva Mendes, and Amber Valletta) are very likeable and funny in their own way.  There are predictable portions of the movie, but they are pulled off well.

[Must Love Dogs] on the other hand has two likeable actors in a poorly scripted movie.  We find Diane Lane playing a recently divorced woman who is being pushed by her family into the dating scene.  To help her along, one of her sisters posts Lane’s character’s profile on an online dating service.  It is through there she meets a slew of men, including the recently divorced John Cusack.  From there the fun begins.

Must Love Dogs Movie Poster

What doesn’t work in this movie is the writing.  The actors are likeable enough, oozing charisma off the screen.  If only they had some smart words to say, as they would in real life, and not the dribble that pours out of their mouths, it would make this film a much more pleasant experience.

Hitch: B+

Must Love Dogs: D-

AJ Giron @verbal